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About 14 years ago 2 people that were deep into the lowriding lifestyle met and tossed around ideas of starting a new custom car magazine. This new publication would be geared towards what is considered a "traditional" car that has been a main stay in the lowrider customizing world: the Chevrolet Impala. Bringing together, at that time, approximately 40 years of combined experience in building, displaying, photography, and writing, Impalas Magazine was born in 2010 showcasing some of the world's best Impalas. The pages brought out the best in not only classically restored Impalas but covered all variations from street to full custom, performance forward engineering, the latest techniques in engines, hydraulics, upholstery, electronics, paint, and wheels.  Reaching out to friends that not only had some of the top Impalas on the scene but also to well known builders, artists, and shops we began to piece together a magazine that would not only capture people's attention in the photographs but in the writing as well. While Mark handled most of the business and publicity aspects of the magazine, Jesse "Toro" photographed the majority of the cars and as editor also handled writing the articles.

For over more than a decade Impalas Magazine has featured hundreds of custom and restored Impalas from all over the U.S. including Hawaii, Alaska and even from Canada showing the world that not only there a never ending supply of Impalas to feature (which was a doubt from some people in the beginning) but also the outstanding builds that varied from city to city all over the world. Impalas Magazine has been published and sold internationally in countries such as Canada, Mexico, Japan, and New Zealand to name a few. We have also made appearances on such television. shows like West Coast Customs and Living The Low Life along with podcasts and website interviews that have captured a glimpse of what we do to bring you the magazine. 

Over the years Impalas Magazine has proven its longevity by continuing to be published and also continuing the love for this lifestyle by promoting and organizing their own car shows.  With a few shows under our belt Mark decided to start a 4 show tour in Northern California. The last couple of tours were an incredibly success that has drawn thousands of exhibitors, vendors, and spectators from all over. In 2021, Impalas Magazine accomplished something that had not been done since 1998 and that was to throw an entertaining, successful, and family oriented car show at the Oakland Coliseum. 2022 brings new surprises to the Impalas Magazine Best of the West Tour with stops not only in Northern California but in Southern California and San Antonio, Texas with works for possibly a few more cities to add to the 8 show tour for 2022.


We would like to give a huge thank you to everyone that helped in distributing, contributing, and have supported Impalas Magazine over the years. There will be minor changes over time in the magazine and tour that will help Impalas Magazine continue to evolve keep creating a unique product as we have for so long for car enthusiasts and those that hold the Impala close to their hearts. Please regularly visit the Impalas Magazine website at for features, stories, events, and the latest news. 


Editor in Chief,

Jesse "Toro" Jimenez

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